This manual provides information for programming and control of PP 40x and PP 80x with StringChange interfaces.

Personality Modules with StringChange- functionality are used where problems with the printer data stream are encountered, which can be solved by modifications and adaptations of the data stream. This kind of problems appear if existing old printer installations shall be replaced by new equipment’s and incompatibilities have to be fixed which cannot be done on system level. The StringChange- functionality of the corresponding Personality Modules for the printer families PP80x and PP40x offers the PSi VAR´s opportunities to develop independent solutions for his customers and to protect the investments.
In general, terms StringChange is the treatment of incoming character strings and output to the printer.
StringChange can modify or convert control commands or delete unnecessary characters from the data stream. Of course, pre-conditions are definite code strings and functions. A good understanding of printer functions and their codes will ease the task.

Printer Suitability