…. the compact Economic


  • 24-needle Printer
  • Compact and modern Design
  • High performance printing with up to 448 cps (10 cpi) or 319 pages / hour
  • Extremely quiet at a maximum of 49 dB (A)
  • 1 continuous and 1 manual sheet feeder up to 5 excellent copies (1 + 4)) A3
  • Precise printing positioning
  • 9 scalable Fonts
  • Perfect barcode printing

Allows the economic rise in the professional matrix printing

Compared to the smaller PP 204, the broader printing width of the PP 205 offers some additional options for applications like e.g. in logistics.

The 24-wire matrix printer PP 204 convinces with high printing speeds of up to 400 cps (characters per second) at 10 cpi (characters per inch) and 319 pages per hour. Thanks to the long-living print head (400 million strokes per wire) and ribbon cartridge (5 million characters) the printing costs are extremely low with 0.25 Cent per page.

19 resident character fonts, 9 scalable fonts, precise barcode printing and up to 5 copies guarantee for high flexibility and quality in demanding applications, like office, administration, logistics, and industry. Up to 128 Kbytes of memory space are available to store data and fonts.

In addition to the fanfold paper input the printer offers also the possibility to insert cut sheets. A „parking function“ for fanfold paper makes switching between both options very easy.

The printer’s design is extremely compact with 570 x 330 x 120 mm/WxDxH. Due to its broader printing width the PP 205 offers some additional options for application compared to the PP 204, like e.g. in logistics with its often extremely wide form sets.

With only max. 49 dB(A) the noise level is very low compared to other matrix printers. The MTBF (Meantime between Failure) of 20,000 hours guarantees for highest reliabilty.

Printable Media

Assembly Lists, Work Accompanying Documents
Certifications, Descriptions, Email Communications, Incapacity to work certificates
AWBs / CIM, Airway Bills, Order Lists
Correspondence, Descriptions, Email Communications, Income Records, Travel Books
Ordering Documents
Work associated Cards
Labels, Order Documents, Outsourcing Documents