Competitive sports do not only invest in intensive training but also in perfect equipment. Clothing, shoes, sports equipment – every detail is well thought-out and becomes continuously enhanced.
Accordingly, also PSi high performance dot matrix printers rely on the usage of the proper consumables in order to play their trump cards. Ribbon cassettes, for example, are perfectly adapted to the respective printer‘s mechanical properties and are subject to continuous quality controls from injection moulding to ink production, ribbon impregnation and assembly of the cassettes up to the final inspection.

Perfect Mechanics
The perfect adaption of  the PSi ribbon gear to the braking and tractive forces as well as to the ribbon guidance along the print head garanties failure-free operation and longevity.  Non-original components which do not interact in this ideal manner can lead to a faulty ribbon transport which in turn can cause consecutive faults like paper jam, gear-wheel breakage in the ribbon drive, data loss through lost characters or damage to the print head or to the platen.

Certified Quality
The mechanics of the ribbon cassettes is  designed for single use only. Refilling is not possible. Only the original PSi ink-texture meets the requirements for permanence, ink milage and print quality on the one hand and functionality and low abrasion on the other hand. These specified properties are controlled and guaranteed by continuous PSi Matrix test runs.

With certified PSi quality for printers and supplies you can always count on best print quality, ink milage, high performance and high efficiency! Ask your local PSi Matrix dealer who will give you expert advice on our printers and consumables.