RibbonXXL _PP407_8 Cassette S_RC96

Ribbon Cassette S/RC96 XXL

Ribbon Cassette S/RC96 XXL

  • Color
    nylon black
  • Printing performance
    more than 30 million Characters
  • Article no.:
    8709 002 39601

The long life Ribbon Cassette S/RC96 XXL is a printer accessorie for Highspeed Matrixprinters PP 407 and PP 408, which are subject of a permanent quality control in the different production stages (plastic syringes, ink manufacturing, impregnation of the fabric, installation of the cassette components) and our own quality assurance.

Printer and ribbon are matched to each other in their mechanical properties. The ribbon gear and lever including the pull-out strength of the ribbon together with the ribbon guide at the print head guarantee the function of the printer and its life time.

The colour for the ink corresponds to a special mixture, which fulfils the requirements for authenticity of documents, yield and print quality as well as lubricity, low contamination and low wear of the print head. These specific properties are controlled by our ongoing series of tests and guaranteed.

Third party suppliers or refillers cannot perform the necessary tests nor are aware of the chemical analysis methods. Such suppliers do not know the requirements of the product. Using third party ribbons would mean incalculable risk for the operation of PSi printers and the print head life and such inks would increase repair costs and reduce readiness for  operation.

Printer Suitability: