PSi Matrixprinter products

Overview of all PSi Matrixprinter products grouped by printer series.

Matrixprinter Series PP 80x

PSi PP 803


The PP 803 is one of the fastest dot matrix printers compact design.

PSi PP 806

PSi PP 806

The PP 806 is the first product of a new generation of professional matrix printers.

PSi PP 809

PSi PP 809

The PP 809 is one of the fastest dot matrix printers in the world.

Matrixprinter Series PP 40x

PSi PP 404


The high – performance printer PP 404 offers a fast and cost-effective solution for printing lists, barcodes, labels and multi – form sets.

PSi PP 405


Multi-purpose printer with high flexibility in paper handling, allowing to run several different applications on one printer.

PSi PP 407


The high performance fanfold printers PP 407 performs 750 pages per hour at a print speed of 700 cps (characters per second).

PSi PP 408


The PP 408 does not only convince by its high performance which is equal to that of the PP 407 but also by an integrated cutter which increases the flexibility in paper handling.

Matrixprinter Series PP 20x

PSi PP 204


The new matrix printer family PP 20x allows companies the economic entry into professional high-speed matrix printing.

PSi PP 205


Compared to the smaller PP 204, the broader printing width of the PP 205 offers some additional options for applications like e.g. in logistics.

Document Printer PR 9



The PSi PR9 is a new multifunktional passbook printer for banking, public authorities, health care and industrial applications.