The Personality Modul PM IPDS Ethernet for Series 40x offers:

the best and most sophisticated IPDS and LAN connectivity features available on the market today. It works efficiently in a mixed Host/LAN environment and supports TCP/IP sessions directly from IBM systems as well as from the LAN. When installing the PM just switch on the power and the basic installation manual is printed automatically. Additional configuration both for the IBM system and for the standard LAN/PC environment are supported by the PrintGuide Tool or a standard web browser. This will allow to benefit from more features in your matrix printer including support for multiple tractors and predefined setups.

The PM offers a number of unique printing features including Pre- and Poststrings as well as the power to substitute user defined print data using the Replacement Strings technology.

To give optimal user value the IPDS PM supports most of the used printing protocols defined in the industry. Among these IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) makes it easy to print across the internet to any authorized printer on an IP network. It also provides capability to send status e-mails directly to the person responsible for the printer.

  • IBM 4247 compatible
  • SCS / DCA-Support withTN3270/5250 and FSL
  • Printer management Webbrowser, PrintGuide™ or HP Web JetAdmin
  • Supports IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
  • Custom pre and post strings and data replacement
  • 2D Barcode

Supported IBM host systems IBM zSeries, S/370, S/390 (MVS/VM/VSE), IBM AS/400, iSeries, i5

PM IPDS Ethernet for Serie 40x

  • Article Name:   PM IPDS ETH M PP80x
  • Article No.:       8707 241 90134

Reference Guide for Installation


Suitable for the following printers: