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Many users of the Siemens 9014, the successful model from Siemens are confronted today with various problems.

  • Where can I get a replacement.
  • How and where do I get the consumables.
  • Who supplies me with spare parts.
  • How do I integrate the printer into other system landscapes.
  • Are there any corresponding printer options for my product.

Here PSi Matrix can help!

The PSi matrix printer PP 405 is identical to the Siemens 9014. PSi can be delivered today and in the future in a variety of configurations. The same applies, of course, to the models Siemens 9015, Siemens 9016 and the three variants of the Siemens 9017.

For many years, the high performance dot matrix printers Siemens 9014, 9015, 9016 and 9017 were successfully marketed by Siemens (Nixdorf). Today, however, these products are only to be referred to by the successor organizations. PSi Matrix GmbH, the original manufacturer of these products. PSi Matrix is always able to provide the satisfied user with the same products today and in the future. 

The following list will help you make the right selection.

  • Siemens (Nixdorf) 9014         corresponds to the model PSi PP 405
  • Siemens (Nixdorf) 9015E       corresponds to the model PSi PP 407
  • Siemens (Nixdorf) 9015         corresponds to the model PSi PP 408
  • Siemens (Nixdorf) 9016         corresponds to the model PSi PP 404
  • Siemens (Nixdorf) 9017-803  corresponds to the model PSi PP 803
  • Siemens (Nixdorf) 9017-806  corresponds to the model PSi PP 806
  • Siemens (Nixdorf) 9017-809  corresponds to the model PSi PP 809

Of course, the consumables and spare parts for these products are still available. In addition, various system interfaces (personality modules) are available. This allows to integrate the matrix printers into changed system environments.

For further information, please contact one of our authorized sales partners or directly to our PSI sales representatives. To do this, follow this “link”

Contact Distribution PSi Matrix GmbH.

Also, our technical customer service is for you available. Please send technical questions to:.

Contact Support PSi Matrix GmbH.

9014, successful model from Siemens