PSi Matrix is offers two additional printer models with an integrated QR code generator.

Freudenberg, September 22nd, 2020 – After the successful introduction of the QR code generator integrated in the professional matrix printer PSi PP 803, PSi Matrix is ​​now also offering this function for the PSi PP 806 and PP 809. With this extension, the QR code function can be used for forms with a maximum paper width of 450 mm instead of the previously supported maximum width of 270 mm. The PSi PP 809 with the integrated QR code generator is available for the highest printing speed requirements of up to 1000 cps (characters per second).


In the age of digital change, the demand is rising rapidly to have more information available in digital form as part of printed documents, accompanying papers and labels. This function allows the digital information to be imported into database or supply chain management systems as quickly as possible and error free, where they are available for further process executions. One of the options is to use two-dimensional (2D) codes instead of one-dimensional barcodes. The amount of information that can be displayed with 2D codes per unit of area required is many times higher than with conventional barcodes. One of the 2D codes that are often used is the QR code.

PSi Matrix GmbH has already integrated the QR code generator directly into the PSi PP 803 printer model in the past and successfully marketed this function. The main advantage of having the QR code image generated directly by the printer itself and not externally is that the integrated generator processes the image in such a way that it is best readable after printing using a scanner.

Typical applications can be found in the areas like logistics (e.g. delivery notes, invoices, accompanying documents), intralogistics (e.g. picking lists, identification labels), industries (e.g. work tickets, parts lists) and many others

With the availability of the QR code generator integrated in the printer, PSi Matrix sets new standards in efficiency of processing digital information in printed form.

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