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IBM 4247 printer

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IBM 4247 Compatibility

PM IPDS Ethernet “Efficient Printing in IBM System Environments”

With the IPDS interface PSi printers PP 405, PP 407 and PP 408 as well as all models of the PP 80x family can be connected via Ethernet directly to the iSeries and zSeries (AS / 400) over TCP / IP.

Easy configuration via Internet browser, which allows a fully access to the configuration pages of the integrated HTTP server. Remote maintenance and diagnostics via Intra- and Internet are included as standard

The following data streams are supported:

  • IPDS (IBM 4247 compatible)
  • SCS (3268, 4212, 3287 compatible)
  • DCA (IBM 3812, 5219, 5226, 4234 compatible)
  • ASCII Data stream
  • TN3270e and TN5250e Writer emulation

In addition, the IBM 4247 interfaces have following features:

  • Multi Session / Multi-Protocol
  • Comprehensive paper management
  • High transmission and operational security
  • Bi-directional printer dialog
  • Fast processing of fonts, logos, images, etc.
  • Data stream manipulation (search and replace strings and characters).
  • Add start and stop strings
  • Management via Web browser
  • Auto configuration
  • Status reporting via Email

The IBM 4247 Interface also support the specific features of the corresponding printer model, such as input and output slots ECT.

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