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Public Administration

Printable Media Examples: Deregistration (Cars), Passports / membership cards, Registration (CAR), Travel Books Printer Suitability PR9 Public Administration: takes on the tasks of the state or a local self-government and acts on the basis of legal principles and regulations. Accordingly, documents and forms of various concepts are printed there. As a result, perfectly coordinated paper…


Passenger Service

Printable Media Examples: Bus/train ticket, Ferry tickets, Tickets for regional transport and main lines Printer Suitability No items found Passenger traffic: is a scheduled operation of vehicles for passenger transport. These are in particular: bus transport rail traffic ship traffic shuttle and scheduled services


Inspection Service

Bedruckbare Medien Beispiele: Additional receipts, Certificate / Confirmation receipts, Certificate of Qualification, Certificates, Contact information, Descriptions, Incapacity to work certificates, Information Letter, Inspection certificates, Registration certificates, Technical product information Druckereignung PP 204 PP 205 PP 404 PP 405 PP 407 PP 408 PP 803 PP 806 PP 809 PP 80x with QR-Code PR9 Inspection Service…