User Manual PP 20x

Documentation The user guideof the PP 20 x Series includes: Installing and configuring the printer Error diagnosis Interface Description character tables Progrmmieranleitung / Emulation Description Printer Suitability No items found UM_20x_eng

PP 20x Profiler (PPMENU) V2.0

Description PP 20x Profiler Windows interface for configuring and installing a printer PP20x for all Windows platforms. Possible settings: Menu configured and 1 or 2 change print settings Printer Basic Settings a config file stored on disk Kofigurationdatei sent directly to the printer Printer Suitability PP 204 Download PPMENU V2.0


Ribbon Cassette S/RC99

Ribbon Cassette S/RC99 Color nylon black Printing performance 5 million characters Article no.: 8709 002 39901 The PSi Ribbon Cassette S/RC99 is a printer accessory for the printer family PP 20x. This is subject to constant quality control of our quality assurance. PSi printer and Ribbon Cassette S/RC99 are therefore very well matched with each other…


Parcel Services

Printable Media Examples: Ordering Documents Printer Suitability PP 407 PP 408 PP 803 Parcel services: Scheduled delivery of goods on weekdays, usually at specific times (8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or 12 p.m.) as well as Saturday deliveries. In addition, the delivery service for parcels is offered directly to the recipient’s workplace.



Printable Media Examples: AWBs / CIM, Airway Bills, Barcodes, Cargo lists, Order Documents, Ordering Documents, Outsourcing Documents, Picking documents, Shipping papers, Transfer form Printer Suitability PP 205 PP 404 PP 407 PP 408 PP 803 Logistics: deals with the planning, control, optimization implementation of freight transport. The logistics industry consists mainly of freight forwarders and…


Industry / Automotive

Printable Media Examples: Assembly Lists, Inspection certificates, Labels, Markings (goods tags), Order Lists, Picking documents, Production documents with and without barcodes, Registration (CAR), Reviews, Warehouse documents, Work Accompanying Documents, Work associated Cards Printer Suitability PP 405 PP 806 PP 809 PP 80x with QR-Code Industry: Printing of all industrial forms (often pre-printed). These are applications,…



Printable Media Examples: Barcodes, Correspondence, Descriptions, Invoice printing, Labels, Markings (goods tags), Order Documents, Order Lists, Outsourcing Documents, Package sticker, Packing lists, Warehouse documents, Work associated Cards Printer Suitability PP 404 PP 405 PP 806 PP 809 PP 80x with QR-Code Trade: is the exchange of goods and services. Functional trading always occurs “when market…