Overview of menu contents:

All selectable features are accessible via the operator panel and combined in the printer MENU.

This feature provides:

  • Easy configuration (language, )
  • Quick parameter changes
  • Activation of test functions

There are three entry points:

  • TEST MODES (4 test printouts and a Hexdump-function are available)
  • DEFINE MACRO (1 of 4 macros can be selected and its contents defined)
  • INSTALLATION (installation specific parameters can be defined)

SAVE MENU is another function at the first level of the menu tree which allows to save all selections permanently in a non-volatile memory.

The menu is organized in three levels:

  • Level 1 Main Functions
  • Level 2 Sub functions
  • Level 3 Parameters and values

Level 1 (main functions) is entry point into the menu. There is only one main function in level 1 without an entry into a lower level, SAVE MENU.

Level 2 (sub functions) menu functions can be activated or a group of values can be chosen.

Level 3 (parameters and values at the lowest level) all menu items can be selected/activated

Menustructure PP80x
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