HP2934A / 2932 / 2235 Emulation Programmer’s Guide

This manual provides information for programming and control of PP 40x printers to run PSi specific functions. It describes the function of the HP2934A / 2235 (PCL 3) emulation. This emulation is developed for HP P405 and extended to the PSi own commands for full support of available features and options.

for following Personality Variants:

PP 40x

  • 8707-241-90104  PM SER/PAR/USB HP PP40x
  • 8707-241-90105  PM SER/USB/ETH HP PP40x
  • 8707-241-90142  PM SER/PAR/USB/ETH HP PP 40X (PNS)

PP 80x

  • 8707-340-90105 PM SER/PAR HP PP803/806/809
  • 8707-340-90114 PM ETH 10/100 Mb/s HP PP803/806/809
Printer Suitability
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HP2934A, HP2932 and HP 2235 are Trademarks of Hewlett Packard Corp.