ASF-Kassette-B kl

The paper will separated by metal rail (120 ° angled SEPARATION RAIL). The cassette is marked with an envelope symbol on the housing.



  • Article no.:
    8707 240 91829

ASF-Cassette B

feeds reliably envelopes, thick and inflexible sheets and top-glued form sets of up to 300 g/m2. The capacity, for example for envelopes, is 40 pieces with 70 g/m2 each.


Paper dimension:     Minimum Maximum
Paper width: 105 mm 305 mm
Paper lenght: 105 mm 315 mm

The assembly order depends on the paper length, which has to be printed: The first cassette with the shortest feeding path of the paper has to installed first, the third cassette with the longest feeding path last.

Cassette Position Minimum Maximum
BIN 1 (first mont.) 105 mm (4,08”) 315 mm
BIN 2   200 mm (7,87”) 315 mm
BIN 3 (last mont.) 290 mm (11,42) 315 mm


Paper weight                Minimum Maximum
Single sheet 150 g/m2 300 g/m2
Form set 150 g/m2

first sheed

70 g/m2

300 g/m2

last sheet.

80 g/m2

  • Maximum thickness of form set 0,5 mm

Suitable for the following printers: