Medical Logistic

Printable Media Examples: AWBs / CIM, Airway Bills, Barcodes, Labels, Outsourcing Documents Printer Suitability PP 407 Medical logistics: is subject to special regulations and this poses major challenges for the transport companies. It is not only about the transport of medical products from A to B but also about special services that ensure and improve…


Industry / Automotive

Printable Media Examples: Assembly Lists, Barcodes, Inspection certificates, Markings (goods tags), Order Documents, Picking documents, Production documents with and without barcodes, Registration (CAR), Reviews, Warehouse documents Printer Suitability PP 204 PP 405 PP 407 PP 408 PP 806 PP 809 PP 80x with QR-Code Industry: Printing of all industrial forms (often pre-printed). These are applications,…



Printable Media Examples: Correspondence, Descriptions, Invoice printing, Markings (goods tags), Order Documents, Order Lists, Ordering Documents, Package sticker, Packing lists, Warehouse documents Printer Suitability PP 204 PP 205 PP 404 PP 405 PP 806 PP 809 PP 80x with QR-Code Trade: is the exchange of goods and services. Functional trading always occurs “when market participants…

Med Versorgung

Health Care

Printable Media Examples: Descriptions, Incapacity to work certificates, Maternity passes, Receipts, Vaccination certificates Printer Suitability PP 803 PR9