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HP P405

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Many users of the Digital HP P405 (replacement for HP2932 / HP2934A) Dot Matrix Multifunction printer are faced with problems such as:

  • Where can I get a replacement for a HP P405, HP2934A or HP2932?
  • How and where do I buy today HP P405, consumables?
  • Who also supplies me with various spare parts?
  • How do I add my printer to other system landscapes?
  • Are there any printer options?

The PSi Matrix can help here!

The HP P405 is the same as the PSi matrix printer PP 405 and can be supplied today and in the future in a variety of configurations.

Over many years, the HP P405 Dot Matrix Multi Printer was installed as a replacement of HP2934A and has been successfully marketed by Hewlett Packard. Today, however, these products are only to be referred to by the successor organizations. PSi Matrix GmbH is the original manufacturer of these products. It can deliver the same products to the satisfied user today and in the future. In addition, all consumables and spare parts for these PSi products are also permanently available. In addition, various system interfaces (personality modules) are available to integrate the matrix printers into changed system environments.

For this reason, you can contact one of our authorized sales partners or contact our PSi Matrix sales representatives for further information. To do this, follow this “link”

Contact Sales PSi Matrix GmbH.

Our technical customer support is also at your disposal for technical questions or problem solving. To do this, follow this “link”

Contact Support PSi Matrix GmbH.