Ribbon Cassette S/RC97

Ribbon Cassette S/RC97

  • Color
    Fabric black
  • Printing performance
    30 million characters
  • Article no.:
    8709 002 39701

The PSi Ribbon Cassette S/RC97 is a printer accessory for the printer family PP 40x. This is subject to continuous quality control in the different production stages (plastic injection, ink production, impregnation of the fabric and assembly of all cassette components) as well as our own quality assurance.

PSi printer and Ribbon Cassette S/RC98 are therefore very well matched with each other in the mechanical properties. The ribbon drive, as well as the corresponding braking and pulling forces of the ribbon in conjunction with the ribbon guide in front of the print head, guarantee the full function of the printer and thus its life time.

The color for the tissue impregnation corresponds to a particular mixture, which satisfies the requirements for document integrity, fertility and writing quality on the one hand, as well as for lubricity, low degree of contamination and low wear on the print head. PSi therefore controls these specific properties in a continuous series of tests and ensures them for the end user.

Colors of third-party suppliers or fillers represent therefore an unpredictable risk for the function of our printers, which can lead to increased repair costs.

Printer Suitability: