• Artikel-Nr.:
    8709 002 60901
  • Dimention
    900mm x 715mm x 1150mm
  • Weight
    net weight 65 kg (68 kg iIncl. Packing) 88kg ncluding pallet (Shipping to only pallet 800 mm x 1.200 mm)

Special cabinets are able to reduce the noise level to a minimum while guaranteeing the full functionality of the printer. This refers to the correct paper management of either fanfold or cut sheet paper, sufficient removal of the heat emerging from the printer, and finally an easy operability.

PSi offers a complete family of tailor-made sound cabinets for its total range of matrix printers. The sound cabinets for the PP 80x series offer additional space underneath the printer for storing the paper pool. They do not need a separate printer stand. In addition, sound covers or sound cabinets protect against harmful environmental influences like heavy dust or aerosol contamination.

Suitable for the following printers: